The Good and Bad about Football Visors

  • American football visors are one of the most important gears every player should have.
  • The Good and Bad about Football Visors
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of it?

American football visors are one of the most important gears every player should have. When it was invented in 1890’s wherein according to Wikipedia, “It is not certain who invented the football helmet.”, the only goal of it, and is still the current goal of wearing a football helmet; is to protect the player’s eyes from any injuries during the game. Because of today’s modern technology, manufacturers have made helmets more stylish and durable. The question here is; why do they need to wear football helmets? What are the advantages and disadvantages of it?

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing football helmets.

The Good

  • Football helmets help protect the eyes from all kinds of injury. You can’t see accidents to happen. Obviously, an open face mask gives you the opportunity to have the best field vision possible.
  • These visors allow you to play the sport well. It helps you have a good game performance.
  • The best visors come in different brands and tints. Some have good and bad styles and designs. Well, it was made to encourage you to do well in the field as well as to help you improve your self-esteem. (Check on to see the list of good visors. One even commented “ Love that set of visors!”)
  • Using tinted visors can help you threaten your opponent since they can’t see the movement and expressions of your eyes.

The Bad

  • Some low quality visors can easily fog up which make it difficult for the players to see the movements on the field.
  • Visors get scratched too, which is again; make it hard for the player to see the game clearly.
  • Low quality helmets aren’t weather friendly; when it rains, the player cannot see the game clearly and well because the rain water stream down the football visor.

Making these football visors as presents for runners in that football field is a good start for your team. In this way, your players are assured of great vision, even as the intensity of the game increases. This is a subtle way of improving your team without necessarily straining their muscles through intense training.

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  • This one is very alarming since some manufacturers produce helmets that can decrease the oxygen flow of the player which can lead to injuries.

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